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  •  Every Summer, we conduct 10 day workshops for Western Vocals, Guitar and Drums. The batches are floated depending on the student strength. These workshops are short term courses for almost any age group, encouraging fun, quick and easy learning!  
    So, next summer if you’re in town, make sure to give us a call!

    Developing Musical Intelligence in Toddlers

    Conducted at  Little Angels Eco School on the 6th, 7th and 8th April 2015.

    Euphony Centre of Performing Arts conducted a musical intelligence workshop for pre- primary school children from the nursery and junior KG classes, the first of its kind to have been executed in India.The aim of the workshop was to develop and exercise, in a limited span of time, the musical intelligence of toddlers through the use of song, rhythm and motor movement. Simultaneously, it intended to generate among nursery school teachers the potential to impart musical knowledge without formal training.

    Over the course of three days, students were introduced to two songs and taught increasingly complex activities that implicated motor coordination, rhythm and timing, memory, and even interpersonal skills to an extent. Students were initially made familiar with the songs, with an emphasis on the music and the lyrics; this exercised their ability to memorize the words. By the second day, the toddlers were able to combine the lyrics with simple physical movements such as clapping and tapping the rhythm in time. Finally, the end the workshop saw the students effortlessly using percussion instruments such as the tambourine and egg shakers to keep in time, synchronizing with other students in the group, and showing a fair amount of improvisation and experimentation. 

    The workshop demonstrated that children possess an untapped potential for musical growth which, if tapped early enough, will provide them the foundation to excel in any musical instrument they choose, beginning from the age of six. An additional benefit is the interpersonal and intrapersonal growth that children experience, as a result of communicating their own creative expression. By incorporating musical intelligence as a regular feature of the educational curriculum, both school teachers and nursery children are sure to experience not only a musical, but holistic growth.


    Euphony conducted drum workshops in the year of May 2013 and 2014, which were aimed at absolute beginners with an inclination towards percussion. The aim of the 10 day workshop was to familiarize students with the fundamentals of drumming, percussion, rhythm and accompaniment and provide exposure to the instrument in a lively yet educational environment. Students learnt 2-3 songs over the course of the workshop which allowed them to apply their knowledge and skills to popular and trending music.


    The singing workshop was conducted in May 2013, lasting 10 days and saw a participation of 9 students. The itinerary was filled with exercises and lessons, starting at a beginner’s level, and imparted practical knowledge about vocal training, performance, breathing technique, dynamic control, and many other practical areas of music. Students learnt a total of 4 songs through the course of the workshop, varying in genre, style and most importantly, technical difficulty.


    Masterclass was conducted by an ex-student of Euphony, Eeshan Tripathi, who is currently a full-time musician and music producer. Held weekly between the months of July to September, the workshop was slightly more exclusive and advanced than regular summer workshops. 3 students from the piano faculty went through an intensive 12-class workshop where they learnt musical improvisation, transcribing popular songs, original composition and elementary music production. At the end of the workshop, students developed a more holistic approach to playing their instrument, a deeper understanding of musical structure and arrangement, and considerable improvement in original composition.