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  • "I learnt the keyboard at Euphony from 2012-2015. I am really impressed by the way dear Bela teaches keeping in mind mental requirements of children as well as limitations of elderly like me. I am grateful to Euphony and I wish the organisation great success."

    • Dr. R L Gogna
    • Professor and HOD (anaes) , Andaman and Nicobar Institute Of Medical Sciences, Port Blair.
  • " I thank Euphony for all that I have learnt , understood and also developed in terms of music. Euphony for me is ' the music hub ' of Navi Mumbai , the destination for exploring and learning music."

    • Ajay Chowdhary
    • Businessman
  • " As a parent , I feel it is a wonderful learning experience for my child from Euphony; this organization is unique in its approach and has the capability to get the best out
    of the children."

    • S. Mahalingam
    • General Manager, Sterlite Technologies limited.
  • " In our family, Euphony is synonymous with Bela Ma'am; she is a very close and dear friend to me. She has worn several hats at the same time and always fulfilled each of her duties very ably and effortlessly. She is a very loveable music teacher who initially was involved in home tutoring and to teach later on succeeded in fulfilling her ambitious dream of founding a music school. She has been able to do this only because she is an extremely focused and driven woman who never left any stone unturned and worked very hard. I truly believe that Euphony is the fruit of labour and focus.
    Hats off to you Bela... Love you always"

    • Mythreyee Sridhar
    • Ex-student's parent
  • " You need not be an intellectual to connect with music. Music just touches everyone's heart and leaves a long lasting impression. But then you need an institute which can cultivate the basic discipline and strengthen the root to be a serious musician.

    Euphony is one such place which is always open to innovative ideas to set a class apart. I am indeed fortunate to be a part of Euphony family."

    • Biju Sivakumar
    • COO, Navio Shipping Pvt Ltd
  • " I was 16 when I joined Euphony and definitely skeptical about my capacity to learn a new instrument. But Bela ma'am has always pushed me and encouraged me to challenge myself, and completely fall in love with the piano."

    • Mugdha Kinjawdekar
    • St. Xavier's College, Mumbai
  • " I have known Mrs. Bela for over 15 years and what I have noticed over the years is sheer hard work, dedication, love and passion for music. She instilled the sense of music in my children and they still continue use the perks of it in their daily life."

    • Shailaja Shah
    • Ex-student's mother
  • " Euphony has inspired my daughter to take up music seriously and has made her more passionate about this wonderful art. Bela ma'am is an awesome teacher who is able to draw out from children their potential and hone their skills to the maximum. Besides that she and her organization add a human touch and her students benefit beyond music adding more value to their lives.
    God bless the teacher, Bela ma'am and euphony
    and hope they touch more lives."

    • Dr. Gulshan Shaikh
    • St. Xavier's College
  • " It's certainly quite rare to have a teacher who comes with a rich experience of almost two decades in piano lessons and whose teaching makes you think at every step of your craft. I strongly believe her style which is now characteristic of Euphony as a whole, is unique which no online portal/YouTube can ever offer. From a novice to an advanced level player, if you are ready to challenge your limits, Euphony is the answer for you.
    Get ready to be blown away."

    • Eeshan Tripathi
    • Ex-student
  • " Having come from a background of methodological and technical rigour, I was initially extremely focused on the perfectionism and finesse of a musical work, rather than its underlying soul. Bela ma'am has taught me to harness my own emotions, led me to face them fearlessly and translate these into better musical performances and a deeper understanding of my own self as a musician and moreover, as an individual"

    • Nabeela Shaikh
    • Student, St. Xavier's, Mumbai