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  • Musical training undisputedly plays a pivotal role in the development of various intellectual and emotional faculties, more so when this training commences at an early age. A vast body of research has shown strong links between acquisition of musical abilities, and other cognitive abilities ranging from linguistic and mathematical proficiency to spatial and abstract reasoning. Musical intelligence has been implicated in (and complements) improved academic performance and heightened emotional sensitivity; this has been supported by neurological evidence that reports musically trained individuals as possessing significantly more grey matter.

    These benefits are all the more pervasive when training begins at a tender, young age. We at Euphony believe that music should not be restricted to an adventurous few looking to ‘try out something new’, but is an essential component of every child’s cognitive, emotional and holistic development. Accordingly, under the guidance of our founder, we have adapted internationally-renowned Trinity syllabi for a multitude of musical faculties, backed by competent pedagogy, with an aim to deliver quality musical education. We understand and acknowledge the important role that music plays in the growth of children and therefore impart globally recognized musical knowledge integrated with strong emotional and cultural values.

    We currently specialize in programs, workshops and curriculums designed to hone the latent musical intelligence in children as young as 2.5 years.