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 A versatile pianist and a composer, Eeshan Tripathi is known for combining western music with groovy melody amalgamated with sound that creates an instant appeal. A grade 5 qualified pianist from Trinity College of Music, London, Eeshan Tripathi is also a jingle composer who has worked with couple of known names in the Industry such as Javed Jaffrey and Naved Jaffrey for designing soundtracks for their famous show, Boogie Woogie. 

He has also toured and performed with an iconic name from the industry, Aditya Narayan. He has been a part of an electro/alt Groove Rock band titled as The Beatroute, who have shared the stage at a Mood Indigo Performance (IIT Mumbai) with an iconic global name in the prog-rock industry - Neal Morse Feat. Mike Portnoy.

He is also a music improviser with Improv Comedy Mumbai


 A Western classical pianist by qualification, Nabeela Shaikh is currently of pursuit of her Grade 8 certificate from Trinity Guildhall, London. She currently possesses formal certification up to Grade 6 and an Intermediate level Performer’s certificate but enjoys taking on pieces that sufficiently challenge her (and her tiny hand span). Apart from performing frequently at annual music school concerts, she aspires to perform live in front of a larger, more challenging audience.

Being classically inclined, she explores the works of such composers as Chopin, Liszt, Satie and the ever whimsical Schönberg. However, she is also extremely passionate about other genres of music and dabbles in playing the keyboard in an attempt to recreate her favorite classics.


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