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Euphony's first concert since inception

  • An in-house audience of 150 spectators gathered to watch the children of Euphony perform their first ever concert since the inception of the music school. A total of 64 students delivered an array of solo and group performances on a number of instruments that included the piano, keyboard, guitar and also included stunning vocals. Esteemed chief guests included the likes of Padmashree Sudhakar Soman, retired nuclear scientist and director at BARC, Mou Maiti, IB coordinator at BD Somani School, Shachi Jolly, senior school coordinator of Green Fingers Global School and Vaishali Majumdar, senior school music teacher, DPS Nerul. A highlight of the event was the ease with which students were able to integrate their formal Western classical training with their own musical backgrounds of Hindustani/Bollywood training; this was evident in the variety of songs and medleys that the students had put together.